Leadership Selection Criteria


The following criteria summarize the characteristics shared by every Newark Public School principal and are the basis for all principal selection decisions

Belief and Urgency

o   Passionately believes and communicates that every student, regardless of background, can achieve success at a collegiate level

o   Creates a sense of urgency to drive student achievement

o   Holds self and others personally responsible for academic success of students, and exhibits a relentless drive in achieving greater student outcomes

Instructional Expertise

o   Utilizes student achievement data to implement effective instructional models, professional development, and coaching to drive staff performance and increase student gains

o   Identifies and provides targeted and actionable feedback based on observation data utilizing the Framework for Effective Teaching

Adult Leadership

o   Motivates and organizes all adult stakeholders to take ownership and take action to achieve ambitious goals

o   Anticipates, manages, and comes to quick decision making regarding unanticipated challenges

o   Takes ownership of all school-based decision making

o   Successfully builds and develops a team to meet the unique needs of their school building

Change Management

o   Designs and implements the strategic vision and plan for the school and can effectively  implement and prioritize changes to improve student mastery

o   Makes and takes ownership for budgetary and staffing decisions as they align to a larger school vision

o   Demonstrates time management and organizational skills to effectively manage the logistics and staff of their school

Personal Responsibility

o   Holds self personally responsible for ensuring high academic achievement for all students and high expectations for staff

o   Demonstrates humility and operates with truthfulness and honor

o   Has a commitment to personal and professional development and seeks feedback


o   Effectively communicates and interacts with a diverse population of students, parents, community members and other stakeholders in a clear, compelling, and professional manner.

o   Articulates decision making in a transparent way and tailors communication to audience

o   Treats people with dignity and respect