Frequently Asked Questions for Principals

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Hiring Process

What is the principal and vice principal selection process?

There are four stages to become a Newark Public School Principal: a central screening process, interview(s) with central office leadership, a Superintendent interview, and a School Community interview. The process for becoming a Vice Principal or Chief Innovation Officer consists of a central screening process and a school or network based interview.

The basic steps are outlined below:

  • Application submission: Candidates submit their applications through Lead Newark’s online application system. 
  • Pre-screening:  The Lead Newark team reviews candidates’ applications, essays and resumes.  Candidates who meet the eligibility requirements and whose application materials reflect the qualities and skills that Newark Public Schools seeks in its principal  will be invited to conduct a phone interview.
  • Phone-screening:  The Lead Newark team invites candidates to participate in a phone interview, where candidates have the opportunity to learn more about Newark Public Schools and showcase their skills and experiences.
  • In-person interview: Candidates who have successfully completed the phone interview will be invited to an in-person interview for a half-day of interviews with various NPS leaders across the district.  Candidates will have the opportunity to meet with various leaders across the district for a half-day of interviews.
  • Reference checks:  References from the online application are contacted before any candidates are allowed to apply for school-specific leadership vacancies.
  • Superintendent Interview:  Candidates meet with the Superintendent, who makes the final decision to extend an offer to become a Newark Public Schools Principal based on information from all stages of the selection process.
  • School Community Interview:  Finalist candidates will then interview with school leadership teams.

Vice Principal and CIO candidates proceed to School Principal and Network interviews after the reference check stage. From there, school network leaders or school-based leaders will make final decisions to extend an offer.

I want to become a principal or vice principal for NPS. How do I get started?

To apply, you will need to complete the online application, including four short essay questions.  You will also need to upload your resume and submit a copy of your certification(s) on Lead Newark’s online application system.  Newark Public Schools will only consider applications that have been completed and submitted online.  We do not accept paper applications.

Which application do I fill out?

If you are applying for a position as a Principal or Vice Principal, please complete the Lead Newark Application here.

If you are applying for an instructional teacher position in grades Pre-K though 12, please complete the Teach Newark Application here.

For all non-instructional positions, please see information on available employment opportunities here.

If you are a current NPS full-time school-based instructional staff member who is interested in seeking a new position for the 2016-2017 school year, visit the Talent Match site to create an educator profile and search/apply for vacancies. Please note that this site is only available to current NPS full-time school-based instructional staff members.

I submitted my application, now what?

You should receive an email notification shortly after submitting your application.  Once submitted, the Lead Newark team will begin its review of your application, resume, and essays.  Within two weeks of submitting your application, a member of the Lead Newark team will notify you via email if you will continue in the screening process.

If you are invited to participate in a phone interview, a member of the Lead Newark team will email you to schedule a convenient time.  Phone interviews usually occur within a week of the invitation and last about 30 minutes.

Within one week of your phone interview, a member of the Lead Newark team will notify you via email if you are invited to an in-person interview.

Within three weeks of your in-person interview, a member of the Lead Newark team will notify you via email if you are eligible to proceed as an eligible candidate or invited to Superintendent and School Community interviews for principal candidates.

Can I apply for a school-specific principal or vice principal job before going through the central screening process?

No. You will only be eligible for a school-specific principal job once you successfully complete the full screening process.

I applied in previous years, do I have to reapply?

Yes.  We recently updated our online application, and, therefore, require all applicants who applied in prior years to update their previously submitted application to complete the new portions. Applicants can also take the opportunity to update other aspects of their application, including contact information, work history, and certifications. You can access the new application here.  You must wait one full calendar year before re-applying.  

Eligibility Requirements

What credentials are required?

In order to apply for a principal position, applicants should possess a New Jersey Principal Certificate or a Letter of Eligibility for Principal, and a master’s degree from an accredited college or university.  Candidates will need to show proof that they are obtaining their New Jersey certification in order to move forward in the evaluation process. We recommend all candidates apply for and acquire these certifications prior to applying.  Please visit the State of New Jersey Department of Education website for information on state certification requirements for school principals.

You must upload proof of your certification as part of your online application.  It is important that your certification is accurately included in your application or you may be deemed ineligible.

If I don't have the certification, how do I get certified?

The State of New Jersey requires all public school principals and vice principals to have a principal certification.  Please apply for your principal certification directly through the New Jersey Department of Education.  You must be able to provide proof of certification by August 1, 2016.  Also, all candidates should have taken the relevant Praxis exam no later than May 12, 2016.

How can I transfer certifications?

We welcome out-of-state applicants who possess a valid out-of-state principal certificate, at least five years of successful full-time experience under that out-of-state certificate, and a master’s degree.  See option 2 in the link here for more details. 

Do I have to live in New Jersey in order to work in Newark Public Schools?

Effective September 1, 2011, in accordance with the New Jersey First Act (P.L. 2011, c.70) all employees of public school districts must reside in the State of New Jersey. All newly hired employees who do not reside in New Jersey will have one (1) year after the date employment begins to relocate residency to New Jersey. An employee who does not do so is subject to removal from office, position or employment.

Salary and Benefits

What is the salary range for a Newark Public Schools principal or vice principal?

Newark Public School principals are paid over a 12-month period and are represented by the City Association of Supervisors and Administrators (CASA).  The Principal salary can range from $100,000 - $150,000. The Vice Principal salary can range from $85,000- $125,000.

Principal and Vice Principal salaries are subject to change pending CASA contract negotiations.

When am I eligible for tenure?

Principals and Vice Principals are eligible for tenure after four years of employment if they have earned a rating of effective or highly effective within the first three years of employment with the first effective rating being received on or after the completion of the second year of employment.

Internal candidates are eligible for tenure after two consecutive calendar years in the new position if they have earned a rating of effective or highly effective in two consecutive summative evaluations within the first three years of employment in the new positions.

Please refer to the TEACHNJ Act, which reformed the state’s tenure laws for more information.