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Application Process

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1 Before You Apply

Gather everything you’ll need for your application: A PDF file of your resume, a PDF file of your cover letter, contact information for three professional references, and a copy of your certification. This can either be a hard copy of your certification, a digital copy from the NJ DOE certification database, or a letter of completion from your university if you are a new graduate.

2 Submit Your Application

Apply online through our application system. In addition to submitting your resume, cover letter, and certification, you will need to respond to essay questions that help us evaluate your approach to teaching.

3 Pre-screening

Our team reviews your application to determine whether you’re eligible to teach in New Jersey and a good fit for Newark schools and students. Candidates who successfully meet the requirements are added to the Newark Public Schools candidate pool.

4 Candidate Pool

Once you are added to the candidate pool, principals and school hiring teams will be able to review your materials and consider you for their hiring needs. The average time it takes from application submission to knowing if you’re accepted to the candidate pool is two weeks.

5 School Interview

If your qualifications align with the needs of a school’s hiring team, that team will invite you to a school-specific interview. The structure of this interview will vary based on the specific team’s preferences, but will include demonstrating a model lesson.

6 Receive an Offer

Once a school decides that you are a good fit, the principal will put in the hiring request, which must be approved by the school board. At that point, you will receive a contract to become a teacher in the district!

"The NPS application process was so easy. I completed the online application, then quickly received a call from my principal and came in for an interview. The next school year, I became a science teacher."

Wahab Ashraf, High School Science Teacher

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Newark teachers change the future—for their students and for themselves. Discover your potential in Newark Public Schools. 

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