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Who We Want

Teaching is more than a job—it’s a calling.

Newark’s students deserve great teachers in every classroom. Are you one of them?  

We’re looking for teachers with:


We want teachers who understand how a great education can strengthen communities and prepare students to reach their goals in life. Our teachers believe in this city and its students—and will do whatever it takes to help them succeed.

Instructional expertise

We want teachers who know their subjects inside and out, who get their students excited about new academic challenges, and who never stop learning and improving.

Commitment to diversity and social justice

Our teachers need the self-awareness and emotional intelligence to foster a respectful, inclusive, and joyful classroom. We want teachers who recognize the value of students’ unique beliefs and experiences—and who help students see that value in themselves. 

All applicants must be eligible for a license to teach in New Jersey, but there are many pathways to becoming a teacher in Newark Public Schools. Learn more about training and certification requirements.

"I know I can reach my highest potential here. The empathy I have for these kids, for these hallways, for these homes, and for my colleagues is unmatched."

Carla Nunes, High School ESL Teacher

Accepting applications for all positions

We’re accepting applications for teachers in all subject areas, especially hard-to-staff subject areas like those below. Click below to learn more. 

1 Bilingual/ESL

Empower students with the critical English language skills they need to succeed across all subjects. Our students speak nearly 40 languages at home—from Portuguese or Spanish to French Creole or Tagalog. Each day, they bring a wealth of perspectives and experiences that enrich our classrooms and open the door to new learning opportunities.

2 Math

Help students develop a deep conceptual understanding of the world around them by unlocking a love of mathematics. We're looking for teachers who can create rich tasks that allow multiple entry points for students of all skill levels and who always have an answer to the question "when are we ever going to use this?". 

3 Science (grades 6-12): Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Our vision for science education in Newark pairs phenomenon-driven instruction and three-dimensional learning. We're looking for science teachers who are able to support students in developing a deep understanding of science principles through  observation, experimentation, and discovery. 

4 Special Education

Our special education teachers personalize instruction to meet the unique needs of our students with disabilities. We're looking for teachers with the skills and mindsets to deliver exceptional instruction to the nearly 16% of our students with special education needs.  

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