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Hiring Process

1 What happens after I am placed in the Teach Newark candidate pool?

Becoming part of the Teach Newark candidate pool is the first step in becoming a teacher with Newark Public Schools, but school principals and hiring teams make all hiring recommendations about which teachers are the best fit for their schools. There are typically more teachers in the pool than there are positions, so it is important to submit a thoughtful application and put your best foot forward in interviews. 

2 Can I apply to a specific school?

No. We use a central hiring process that does not allow candidates to apply directly to individual schools. Instead, we seek to build and cultivate a strong pool of talent from which principals and school hiring teams can recruit candidates for specific vacancies at their schools.

3 I don’t see any vacancies in the subjects/grade levels I want to teach. Can I still apply?

Yes! You can always apply and enter the Teach Newark candidate pool, but you can only apply for vacancies for which you have the required certification(s). If you obtain the necessary certification to be qualified for a current vacancy, contact the Talent Team and we can update your profile so you can search for those vacancies.


1 Do I need a New Jersey teacher’s license to teach in Newark Public Schools?

To apply for a teaching position with Newark Public Schools, you must be eligible for a license to teach in the state of New Jersey. Whether you already have a New Jersey standard teaching certificate or a teaching certificate from another state, went through a traditional teacher preparation program or just have experience in the subject you want to teach, the state of New Jersey has a certification option for you. Learn more about these options.

2 Do I have to live in New Jersey to teach in Newark Public Schools?

Effective September 1, 2011, in accordance with the New Jersey First Act (P.L. 2011, c.70) all employees of public school districts must reside in the State of New Jersey. All newly hired employees who do not reside in New Jersey will have one year after the date employment begins to relocate residency to New Jersey. You may also submit a hardship appeal that is reviewed by the state to determine if you can receive a waiver from this requirement. 

Salary and Benefits

1 What will my starting salary will be?

Our compensation system values experience and performance and makes Newark’s teachers among the highest paid teachers in the country. All teachers new to Newark Public Schools will enter under the universal salary scale. The universal salary scale helps Newark Public School teachers earn more both earlier in their careers and over their lifetime. Your years of teaching experience will dictate where you fall on the salary guide.

2 I currently work in another district in New Jersey. Can I transfer any of my benefits from that district?

No. We do not allow sick days from another district to be transferred to Newark Public Schools.  

3 When am I eligible for tenure?

To earn tenure, a teacher must meet the following criteria:

Be employed by Newark Public Schools for four years and one day in the same title and receive an Effective or Highly Effective rating on the annual summative evaluation in at least two of the three years counting from year two of employment. 

For more information, please refer to the TEACHNJ Act, which reformed the state’s tenure laws.

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