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Our Schools

Newark Public Schools offers teachers the best of both worlds.  

Our teachers receive the resources and support of a major school district with the flexibility and collaboration of a smaller community. We're New Jersey’s largest school district and one of the nation’s oldest. Our size allows us to give teachers the support, resources, and opportunities they need to hone their craft and build a rewarding career.

Yet we’re small enough that teachers don’t get lost in the system. You’ll build strong relationships in your school community and throughout the district. Your school leaders will get to know your skills and interests, and will surround you with colleagues that complement them. You’ll have the freedom to try new ideas to meet your students’ unique needs and share your expertise with your colleagues across the city. 

“There is a very strong culture of togetherness and family here. My scholars and colleagues are family. It touches my heart that I've only been at my school three years and I feel like an important piece of the puzzle.”

Gina Onorevole-Lee, 4th Grade ELA

We’ve built a school system that matches the innovation and diversity of our city. With more than 60 schools, Newark Public Schools empowers families to choose the right education for their children, while giving teachers the chance to find a school where they’ll thrive. From world-class STEM and arts programs to early-college dual enrollment programs, we champion school models and innovative approaches to learning that give teachers the flexibility and support they need to meet students’ unique needs.

Innovative. Collaborative. Diverse.

Click below to get to know six NPS schools that show the range of options available to Newark families and teachers.

1 Eagle Academy for Young Men of Newark

Opened in 2012, Eagle Academy takes a holistic approach to educating and nurturing young men of color. Beyond a commitment to academic excellence, this all-boys middle and high school gives students access to a broad range of educational, recreational, and social opportunities. 

2 Arts High School

The nation's first public high school for the arts, Arts High School offers students the chance to follow their passions in a rigorous program focused on art, dance, drama, music, and TV production. Notable alums include singer Sarah Vaughan, jazz artist Wayne Shorter, actors Taurean Blaque, Tisha Campbell, and Michael B. Jordan; and graphic artist Paul Bacon.

3 Bard High School Early College

In partnership with Bard College, students at Bard High School Early College can earn a high school diploma and an Associate's degree in just four years. In the 2016-17 school year, 71 seniors graduated with Associate’s degrees.

4 Speedway Academies

Serving more than 600 K-8 students, Speedway Academies is committed to helping students become lifelong learners and productive global citizens. Their Expeditionary Learning program empowers students to become owners of their learning through engaging “learning expeditions,” while offering teachers a thriving professional network to develop effective instructional strategies.

5 Spencer/Miller Community School

Spencer/Miller Community School aims to foster pride and responsibility in its students to prepare them for citizenship in the global community. Citizen Schools, a community partner, offers apprenticeships in STEM and 21st century skills in a variety of after-school programs.

6 First Avenue School

In 2007, First Avenue School moved to a new building with state-of-the-art computer and science labs, an art room with a ceramics kiln, and a media center with 10,000 print materials. First Avenue has received many awards for its competitive academic performance, including the Fordham University National School Change Award.

Support & Coaching

Great teachers have the support of great leaders

Great leaders define a school’s culture by setting a clear vision for success, and then give their team the support they need to make it happen. They inspire excellence in those around them and set an example that resonates throughout every classroom. In Newark, we recruit principals from within the district and across the country to support teachers’ personal and professional growth.    

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