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Our Teachers

Our teachers are fueling a citywide effort to move Newark forward.

Newark teachers share a common goal—to improve the lives of Newark’s children. From home-grown trailblazers to educators making our city their adopted home, they make a difference far beyond their classrooms. They nurture curiosity, resilience, and critical thinking to help students uncover their full potential and write their own futures.

More than 97% of our highest-performing teachers choose to stay in the district—exceeding the national average for teacher retention.
They have the skills and experiences to teach anywhere in the country, but know they can make the biggest impact in Newark. In 2017, more than 97% of our highest-performing teachers choose to stay in the district—exceeding the national average for teacher retention. New teachers work with and learn from these excellent educators in a variety of formal and informal professional development opportunities.

They also know that their efforts will be rewarded. Newark teachers earn one of the highest starting salaries in the nation. Our average teacher salary is $72,000 and our top performers have the potential to earn up to a $5,000 bonus each year.


New Horizons

A new job in a new city can be daunting. First-year teacher Bina Ramesh found a community of support, from fellow teachers, her school leaders, and administrators. 


Framework for Effective Teaching

Our teachers are committed to learning and growth—for their students and themselves. Newark Public Schools’ Framework for Effective Teaching helps teachers understand the instructional shifts required to guide students toward deeper learning. Nearly 80% of teachers—and 96% of school leaders—report that the Framework provides useful feedback that leads teachers to higher levels of practice.

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Support & Coaching

Leadership Institutes for Teacher Teams

Part of a district-wide effort to support teacher growth and development, LIFTT gives teachers the opportunity to collaborate with educators across the district and identify and practice instructional techniques, ideas, and strategies that they can share immediately with their colleagues. In short, LIFTT sees our teachers as the true experts for their peers to learn from. Recent LIFTT sessions have focused on literacy, math, Next Generation Science Standards, and special education.

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