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Career Pathways

Grow as much as your students.

In Newark, you can build a career, take on new challenges, and earn the recognition and higher compensation you deserve along the way—all without leaving the classroom behind. We offer a range of formal and informal leadership roles for teachers, including: 

Mentor Teachers 

New teachers are paired with a strong teacher who spends time with them in their classroom as well as in one-on-one sessions to discuss approaches to continuous improvement.

Lab Site Teachers (Mathematics)

Lab sites are classrooms in which math teachers receive intense professional development, including eight classroom visits and two full-day professional development sessions throughout the school year. Lab site teachers gain a deep understanding of Singapore Math using the Math In Focus Curriculum and learn teaching strategies geared towards mathematical practices connected to our strategic plan.

LISTEN: Deputy Superintendent Robert Gregory talks about the district's commitment to professional development.

Model Teachers 

Model teachers demonstrate high-quality instructional practices across the district, helping their colleagues strengthen their practice. Whether they are videotaping their practice to share with others or visiting other classrooms to provide feedback to their colleagues, our stand-out teachers are our greatest resource for continued growth.

Teacher Coaches 

Teacher Coaches offer their colleagues the feedback and coaching they need to make the instructional shifts required by the New Jersey Student Learning Standards. To do this, teacher coaches receive dedicated time for collaboration with teachers in schools across the district and year-long professional development.

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Newark teachers change the future—for their students and for themselves. Discover your potential in Newark Public Schools. 

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